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When 3 coders had different opinions, they resolved their differences through discussion. We used SPSS 20.0 to check Kappa consistency, the consistency coefficient among these three coders was 0.929, indicating that the coding of the 3 coders was highly consistent. Here, we show some coding fragments of unit 7 to make the coding process clearer. It uses the latest peer-reviewed studies in psychology and neuroscience to educate students about what is scientifically proven to make us happier. The application outcome will be communicated around two weeks after the meeting at the latest. If there are two members in the team, ½ of the authors must be students of the appropriate level. Maths/physics and programming skills are highly desired for the study. In a project-based approach to teaching and learning, students are presented with real issues and problems and learn content as they develop solutions. The second training occurred after the teaching of each unit, experts observed presentation class and then conducted interviews with the teacher and students, the teacher reflected on the teaching of the whole unit, and the experts gave advice for improving teaching. After that, we communicated with the teacher of this class. At this time, experts and researchers go to the class of Huairou No. 1 Middle School for one day of research. As little research has been done on the development of and changes in the same students across units, it is more appropriate to adopt the method of case study. In this unit, students planted a pot of their favorite plants in the soil, explored the relationship between soil acidity, alkalinity, soil fertility and plant growth, wrote a complete experimental report, and reporting the research result to the class. During the implementation of each unit, وب تارنما شخصی the teachers participated in training twice. Group members should communicate in time during the design of vacuum cups and solve problems together. The average score rank of the group was 4/8, mid-level in the class (there were 8 student groups in this class). In case you adored this article in addition to you wish to obtain more information relating to اینجا generously check out the site.